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general Nothing Specific
by nub
gfd messages
(don't mail me) on Aug 27, 2004 12:05:18 PM

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Fuck you.
I'm about fucking sick of everything.

I don't make enough money.
I never get laid.
Everything I own is falling apart.
I'm not good looking.

Every day I curse the sun for rising. Every night I curse it for setting.

Every Friday I take my check and think how nice it would be to buy a bomb big enough to blow the universe to smithereens. Every Friday I cash my check and realize that all that work I'm doing is worthless. Every Monday I continue to go back to a job I loathe.

My feet are too big, it's hard to buy shoes.

My wallet is almsot 10 years old, and I'm only 22 years old.

I don't really know anything yet. I know how to hate.

I want to punch my bosses in the face sometimes.

Sometimes I feel like punching myself in the face, just to see what it feels like.

I'm fucking sick to fucking death of fucking women and their fucking bullshit. Your vagina is not unique in any way. The fact that it may or may not be attached to an attractive lump of fat and sinew does not, repeat NOT, justify all the problems you cause.

Every second of my life brings me closer to the end, and most of the time I can't wait.

I want don't want to live, but I don't want to walk out of the movie.

Everything you do irritates me. I want to crawl out of my skin and set the world on fire, starting with you.

Every breath I take is one taken away from you, and that comforts me.

In case you're wondering, I'm saying



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    The immortal words of you thumbs up
    by Spanker(
    gfd messagesAIM
    on Aug 27, 2004 12:56:20 PM
    Shut up and do something about it.
    Or something to that effect
    I could elaborate but you get the point, plus there isn't much else you've given me (us) to suggest anything about.
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      Hey. crybabydunce
      by nub(don't mail me)
      gfd messages
      on Aug 27, 2004 11:48:29 PM
      This wasn't a post where I needed some advice or criticism. I felt like saying 'fuck you' so I said it. If I wanted your opinion I'd give it to you.
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        Didn't say you needed anything
        by Spanker(
        gfd messagesAIM
        on Aug 28, 2004 12:30:31 AM
        and I don't really go out of my way for what you want.
        Actually I didn't give advice or criticism, I reiterated something you said.
        So did you give yourself that opinion, then?
        oh the paradoxical mind of a moron.
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    by SinfulThing(
    gfd messagesYahoo
    on Aug 27, 2004 01:10:41 PM
    I think that if The Police had been a hardcore punk band this would be more along the lines of what they would say:

    Every breath I take is one taken away from you, and that comforts me.

    In case you're wondering, I'm saying

    "FUCK YOU"

    LOL, I have days like this too
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    I want you to do me one favor heart
    by kko
    gfd messages
    on Aug 28, 2004 05:26:13 PM
    I want you to hit me as hard as you can.
    I want you to hit me as hard as you can.
    Well, what do you want me to do? You want me to hit you?
    C'mon, do me this one favor.
    Why? I don't know why. I don't know. Never been in a fight, you?
    No, but that's a good thing.
    No, it is not! How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight? I don't want to die without any scars.
    Come on, hit me, before I lose my nerve.
    This is crazy.
    So go crazy. Let 'er rip.
    I don't know about this.
    I don't either. Who gives a shit? No one's watching. What do you care?
    This is crazy, you want me to hit you?
    That's right.
    What, like in the face?
    Surprise me!
    This is so fucking stupid!
    Oh! Motherfucker! You hit me in the ear!
    Well, Jesus, I'm sorry!
    Ouch! Why the ear, man?
    Aw, I fucked it up!
    No, that was perfect!
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    by blessed
    gfd messages
    on Sep 2, 2004 09:17:59 PM
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    I understand.
    by Ivan Yutu Buggerov(
    gfd messagesAIMYahooMSNICQ
    on May 2, 2009 10:15:48 PM
    Fuck you, too.
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