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general A child rants again!
gfd messages
( on May 26, 2004 12:30:45 PM

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Yes you know you want to read nothing!
Tick, tack, crack away at that keyboard you little bastard! Ever feel like you could do anything in the world but, know that you couldn't? Did the feeling that something, which is nothing, block you from doing something you couldn't ever do annoy you? It pisses me right off!. I'm writing for some reason and I don't even know! Maybe I'm a bored student or something, and my class kind of sucks. I've broken down every moralistic aspect of my existence and have still decided to sit down and listen to music instead of using brain activity to understand things on my own. I've found a new favorite saying, that only God knows how many times has been stated before - life sucks. Everything in the world is pointless, and based upon finding reason for existence. Some people live their lives flying into their own little worlds and religions with absolutely no meaning, but existence. Nobody can explain it, nobody can really know. They say you'll find out once you're dead, but what does it mean to be dead you ask? Nobody knows! Maybe everything that circles in your body stops circling, brain activity stops, and you just don't exist, you're non-existent. Why live a life in search of an answer that is right in front of you? Why be scared to be nothing when, if your 'nothing' mind thinks about this nothing, it turns into nothing anyway? What do you mean 'God'? What do you mean by 'spirit'? You ask people that and they'll talk forever about what? Nothing. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of because thought is impossible without a brain, so there seems to be no pain once you're dead, wait a minute, once you're dead? I thought once you're dead you couldn't think or feel or see? You can't and that's my God damn point.
Who cares if I rant like this because I have nothing better to do? Nobody does because apparently, everyone, if they are real and not created in my mind, have nothing to do with me. You're reading this right now thinking of how 'retarded' I am. You wouldn't consider anything I say as important or useful because I am a young arrogant teenager, who rants a lot. Maybe stop trying to think of something rude to say to me for writing this, or to try and be funny - making a joke, and think. If you can. Can you think? How do I know? I don't, I'm just a crazy boy that loves listening to Drowning Pool, since it relieves me of the stresses of life, in the form of anger being exerted through heavy guitars. The lyrics 'somthin' got to give' sometimes makes me think even more: What's got to give? People you consider stupid? Who just want to have friends and be successful in life? There is no such thing as stupid people there are only stupid-like people who ran about other stupid-like people. Sound familiar? Gee Whiz Batman maybe we're all stupid.
I think of my passed away grandfather right now almost bringing myself to tears. Why did I just think of him? I am thinking of life and meaning behind everything created. Every single person, if actually people have thought of the world as possibly being just created for them. This word processor - Did I make it? Am I controlling everything in this 'world' or has it been pre-set in some strange form? Here I go ranting on useless information like a 'retard.' Fearnley seems to have been smart enough to detect a slight depression in my actions, friends online have noticed by the 'too-far-leaned-back' type of person I become sometimes, but nobody really cares.
Why care about anything if you made it yourself? To live a happy life? To live a happy life - there we go, that's the reason people 'try-hard' in life isn't it? We've not been able to talk to a 'God' have we? So our best conclusion on the entire subject is that someone, or something wants us to live here an be happy. And to be a happy friendly person will in turn return to you a happy life. Everyday we hear exaggerated stories of murders and crimes on Global News, trying to make people feel bad for the unfortunate. I think we're all unfortunate, one way or another something is wrong, and something has 'got to give.'
Foreigner, Cold As Ice is now playing on my $200.00 MP3 player, with copy-written music in which I, the big thief, have stolen. The music industry rejected Napster's original payment plan, because the music industry was too 'pussy' and couldn't trust people smarter than them, they thought they wouldn't lose money. Now the music industry is fucked and the rock era is turning into home-made techno-bullshit. Rock and roll made people feel happy and supercharged, now because of the need for profit, it's gonna die. But this music was made by million dollar bands! The web entangles itself until it gets too heavy and falls, or until a child comes and plays with it. The only thing that will 'give' is the end.
Jimi Hendrix is my favorite musician ever heard by my ears. He died at twenty-something didn't he? How sad, from a drug-overdose. He probably didn't know much about drug abuse because he wasn't taught anything worthy of moralistic values to a person that could possibly stop him from doing drugs. Drugs, and lots of money from music, screwed him over. Drugs make him stupid, so who's going to take the money? Smart people. Smart people in this world should re-consider themselves and try harder to be labeled a stupid person, to gain even more leverage over dumb people! D'oh, shiznit they already do that! I lent my Windows XP disk to Cory, a few moths later he gave me a burnt copy, after I called complaining that I wanted it back, he said he gave it back already. He must think I'm stupid, I read his face so easily, yet - I still do nothing!
It's wonderful to write about nothing while listening to Jimi Hendrix, so I don't have to listen to the annoying, geeky, and very boring people around me. They make me uncomfortable anyway - simply because of the human's need to feel better and seem better than others. I just don't care anymore. God Fucking Damn It I am so living just to be the happiest, and best programmer the world will ever see!!!!

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    Sweet Mother of Christ thumbs up
    by Cheops(It's a celebration!)
    gfd messagesAIM
    on May 26, 2004 01:05:03 PM
    That was excruciating.
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    A few points from a fellow whiny arrogant teenager who can't call you on that
    by Spanker(
    gfd messagesAIM
    on May 26, 2004 02:39:03 PM
    But I can call you on a few other things.
    One, Rock n' Roll died a long time ago, way dead, been dead since before the internet, or at least since I had the internet. If you're my age you weren't around when rock n' roll really existed, and thusly, cannot even make the simple claim that the rock-era wasn't to the us of 20 years ago as the "techno bull-shit era" is to you.
    Two, news isn't trying to make you unhappy. That's all your doing. The news cannot make a death, or many deaths, seem worse. Why? Because it is about as bad as it can get. You feel bad because part of you is still alive enough, and smart enough, to recognize pain, and not be biased against the pain of some people's. A lot of people have lost this and simply blame the media. Morons, all of them.
    Three, no one thought of you as "retarded" until you felt the need to bring up your age and either A) an excuse for your preemptive 'retardedness,' or B) because it was part of your rant. People around you might feel that way, but I've never run into an older person who is impossible to gain the respect of. Yeah it might take a while, yeah it might be a bitch, but no, it is not impossible, it just isn't always worth it. But that's your decision, not theirs, and it's your (my) age groups fault for acting like such turd suckers and stealing whatever respect they might have had for your (my) opinion in the first place.
    Four, what you decide to believe in, whether life is worth living and what is worth living for, is one of the many beautiful things of life. It is more than a gift, not necessarily something anyone gave to us, that we can suck it up and brave the darkness. No one can tell you what to believe about the ultimate purpose of life. This you should be thankful for. It is from being raised on religion that a lot of us, including myself, have mistakenly decided death is a horror and you must be judged so someone must pray for you and must worry for you. One may mourn a death out of respect, or fear, or anything they choose to, but your death, and everyone else's death, is just a fact of time. If you think God did it, your quarrel is with him etc. etc..
    I personally don't believe in what was so gracefully referred to as the 'sky-bully,' at least not in any way it's been presented to me as of yet. When my father dies, when my dog dies, when I die, I will cry out of respect, and I hope others will do it for me. Once that's over, just like people do, I will get over it, knowing there ain't shit I can do. In other words, be thankful you don't know and that you can decide on your own, and be happy you can hang out, listen to music, and ignore reality for however long you need to. This reads like my blurty, I've been there, not as though anyone hasn't. Suck it up and go be merry.
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      You are a fucking idoit!!! heartduncedunce
      by Shawn
      gfd messagesAIM
      on May 27, 2004 11:57:58 AM
      You are a stupid senseless fucking shithead idoit. How the hell can you even think Rock is dead. You have made the stupid comment I have ever heard in all my life. I have made my self alot more retarded by just seeing that someone could accually think they had the brian to write that. My friend buy a copy of any Incubus album. They are the greatest rock band since the days of Led Zeppelin. Rock'n Roll will never die, its here to stay. YOU ARE FUCKING STUPID!!!
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        So many possibilities
        by Spanker(
        gfd messagesAIM
        on May 27, 2004 06:20:26 PM
        Denial, idiocy, any number of physical ailments, that of the brain and otherwise.
        I go with idiocy, yes, indeed I do.
        Did you know, that I've started to like everyone I know a little bit more knowing people like you exist.
        Where do you live, so I know never to go there.
        Or maybe I will... hm
        I heard something really, really stupid.
        Sherry, the rant one, said she wanted to write a letter to Al Qaeda in response to the new terrorism warning.
        And it was smarter than anything you have yet to say.
        Maybe it's just because I know she can spell idiot, or at least you a spell checker. How can you call someone an idiot while lacking any kind of spelling skills imaginable?
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        by zaxon(huk~)
        gfd messagesMSN
        on Jan 4, 2006 01:14:25 AM
        I miss u. Plz come back.
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    gfd messages
    on May 26, 2004 05:07:46 PM
    I almost stated "Amen."


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    Consider thumbs up
    by Leighto
    gfd messages
    on May 27, 2004 09:09:39 PM

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    Did anyone actually read the whole story?!?!?!
    by NATO Boy(
    gfd messages
    on May 28, 2004 02:54:25 PM
    'cause I sure couldn't......

    Yikes kid, learn to create paragraphs at least!

    Ok..ok...I broke down and read the whole story....which makes me more assured that giving it a 1 was justified.
    [Reply to this comment]
      i didn't
      by mythandros(Suck a Fuck)
      gfd messages
      on Jun 11, 2004 10:37:54 AM
      I got 1/3 of the way through this pointless drivel before I started having my own GFD.
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        ^ YES
        by WatcherStalker
        gfd messages
        on Jun 22, 2004 07:49:29 PM
        I think I got to the part where he...wait, I don't know what I just read. Lemme read it again....can't. Listen pal, there's two things I want to tell you about, ENTER and TAB. You see, you press these to begin a new paragraph.
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