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health Stupid Fucking Doctors
by Pandora
gfd messages
( on Apr 21, 2004 06:35:58 AM

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I just went through the most painful thing in my life due to a misdiagnosis from my new doctor.
First of all forgive me on my writing as I'm on a narcotic called Roxicet for pain.
Combined with the fact that I am not a great or even good writer. And I am Dyslectic but I will really try to make this as readable as I can.

It all started on 3/11/04 Thursday night with a slight pain in the left side of my throat by morning it had gotten so bad that I had severe pain and swelling from my ear all the way down my neck. I thought it was my tonsils, grabbed the flashlight and a mirror and looked, sure enough the one on the left is huge, so large in fact that it was pushing the uvula off to the side.

Ok so to the doctor I go, and tell her that I thought it was my tonsils, well she looked in my throat, looked in my ears and took a culture from my throat and give me Tylenol with codeine that at first helped. Said something about a fast test and that she would call me with the results that afternoon she also said she would have someone call regardless of what the test proved. So I wait. And wait all through the rest of Friday with no call.

Saturday the Tylenol was no longer working so I called the office and they were closed I got the answering service. They had the attending doctor call me. He couldn't do anything because he was not in the office but gave me the number to call and see if the test results have came in, I call it and guess what they were closed.

Lucky me!!! Ok so I decide to stick it out till Monday and go back to my doctor.
Sunday morning I wake up in excruciating pain with mass swelling. The hubby had promised a friend weeks before to help him with a project, I was going to go with my camera to get some pictures for them, but I had to bow out I was in to much pain so I stayed home. A few hours later and more swelling I started to get really scared that my throat was going to swell shut. I called my hubby's cell he was almost done but was at least and hour away so I called my friend to come and sit with me till he got home.

When she got to my house and saw what I looked like she told me "you have got to go to the emergency room NOW. Hubby gets home and we all pile into the car and off the hospital we go, me with the most head-exploding headache I have ever had in my life. And proceed to wait 4 more hours no pain meds no nothing.

The nurse practitioner sees me looks in my mouth and says "oh my god I know what is wrong with you"!! Paratonsillar abscess in layman terms the whole back of my throat and the soft palette had abscessed due to acute follicular tonsillitis.

Why did the doctor not find this when I went in on Friday? Did I not tell her? You would think that any doctor could see that the problem was tonsillitis just by looking. Also all she tested for was strep when there are many different organisms that can lead to this kind of infection.
Was she just being lazy, maybe didn't know, or was it simply take two aspirins and ill call you in the morning thing. Gives you get the idea that doctors these days just don't want to deal with the patient.

Ok so back to what I was talking about, after spending 4 hours at the hospital the nurse decides to do a needle aspirate at which point other nurses and doctors come in and look in my mouth and comment with statements like "Wow and Remarkable" She sprays some deadening spray into the back of my throat which tasted horrible and made me choke than proceeded to stab the back of my throat with a needle. After jabbing me 4 times nothing was happening, she told me she was going to have to call in a specialist.

After a short wait in strolls Dr B with his jingling bag of stainless steel medical torture tools. He is an Ear Nose and Throat specialist and one of the first things he says is we may have to do a CT Scan to see it the infection has spread to any other part of your head. Open your mouth lets have a look. Before I even knew what was happening he gave me a suction tube and told me to keep it ready. He gives me 4 shots of Novocain and than slices up my soft palette, like I was a spiral ham, which hurt like hell because he didn't wait for the Novocain to take effect.

I did feel immediate relief from the pain and pressure in my head, but what he had released was the vilest putrid explosion of pus and blood in such a violent torrent the suction tube almost could not keep up with the volume. It was so nasty that I almost vomited twice during the procedure. All was said and done I get to go home, Yea.

Wrong, Go to the pharmacy Walgreen's, Open 24hours! Right? Not this one, you have to go 6 miles up the road.
We get there I go in and wait in line for so long that my husband comes in looking for me I feel like shit, in pain, open incisions draining into my mouth, did I mention it tasted like I had a dead rotting animal in my mouth. I get to the front of the line which took me 25 minutes even thought there were only 4 people in front of me, and they tell me its going to take 45 to 50 minutes to fill my prescription. So I put it in than the hubby took me home and he went back to get it.

Things than seem to be going better, the pain meds are working and I'm on strong antibiotics for 10 days. My mouth starts to heal and I'm actually starting to feel a lot better when I notice this white coating that wont brush away on my tongue and in my mouth that tastes foul and the first thing that comes to mind is yeast infection. Great!! I get on line and look up oral yeast infection and what should appear THRUSH.

So I go to the doctor for the follow up not the ENT doctor but my personal physician the one who screwed up to begin with and proceed to diagnose myself. She took a culture and just as I thought it came back positive for thrush. She put me on Mycelex troche, it's a chalky tablet that you dissolve in your mouth like a nasty tasting Tums that you suck on. 5 times a day for 14 days and it made me sick to my stomach for the whole time

During this time I was told to make an appointment to see Dr B for a follow up and to see about getting my tonsils out so I made the appointment.
On the day of the appointment I got lost and almost missed it but I got there. Dr B took one look and said they have to come out and it is going to be painful. A tonsillectomy is much more painful for an adult than for a child.

I'm thinking GODFUCKINGDAMNIT 42 years old and I have to have the suckers out.
Ok I can make it, I'll be better for it, it cant hurt that bad, my old knee surgery most likely hurt more, ok than I can handle this, lets do it than, go ahead doc and hack those fuckers out!! We set the date for 4/12/04 no Naproxin for my knee for 2 weeks before and 1 week after the surgery (OUCH) we don't want any bleeding, switch to Tylenol (helps nada)

The day arrives we go to the surgery center get their on time and I sit in the waiting room for what seemed like 3 seconds. I was very nervous not about the preparation process or getting the surgery but about waking up from the anesthetic afterward, and I could tell my husband was scared too, every surgery has risks. I was scared but I told him that I was not ready to check out just yet and that I would be ok.

They call me in, have me change to a gown a cool wrap around that did not open in the back. Take me to a nice comfortable reclining chair with a warm blanket.
The nurse who did the IV was really good at it. She wrapped my hand in a warm wet towel, everyone laughs when I say to her "oh how nice I'm getting a manicure". She than used a really small needle to inject lido cane just under the surface of the skin. When she did put in the IV a moment later I did not feel a thing.

I do have to say that Dr B and all the staff at the surgery center that I came into contact with were very professional, super nice, considerate, and compassionate.
The surgery got done; I went home, not feeling that bad mind you. I even felt ok enough to go to the pharmacy to get the meds a liquid narcotic and a strong liquid antibiotic.
My husband and friend were looking at me in astonishment the rest of the day.
Later in the evening I found out why.

After I finally got past my last irritated nerve with them I blurted out. Will you both please stop looking at me like you're shocked I'm still alive? That night my friend told me that the doctor consulted them after the surgery and told them it was a very difficult operation, the left tonsil had so much scar tissue it was really hard to remove and that he had to take it out in layers, and that is why they were shocked that I was doing so good.

The first couple of days were not to bad. I had the pain medication, jello, ice cream and all the usual cold stuff that you eat after getting tonsils out. About the 6th day after surgery the pain meds were not working and the doctor had to prescribe a stronger medication. At this point the pain was in my ears and swallowing just water was like swallowing shards of glass, combined with the fact that I couldn't eat anything hot and with the medication you have to take it with food. Did I mention that Eating hurt, and I was starving

So I started getting stomach upset. ( A piece of advice) Popsicles, ice cream, jello , water, etc... Do not count toward food with medication. The result was vomiting twice, as if swallowing wasn't bad enough, anything coming back the other way was excruciating.
I had to force myself to eat. That was a hell all its own.

Added to everything else I may have nerve damage on my tongue in the area they clamped down on to keep it out of the way during the surgery. It has affected the feeling in the tip of the tongue and apparently a result of that is decreased taste sensation.
All dairy tastes funny, including my favorite ice cream Tillamook Vanilla Bean it tastes bitter
And everything else tastes flat and bland. This really sucks.

I'm almost due for medication right now and am having some mashed potatoes with butter and sour cream and a little Johnny's and it tastes bland, but I have to eat something.
And as of this morning I think I have the thrush back. Another 14 days of nausea to look forward to. Isn't life grand?

Thanks for listening to all my blather; I really needed to get that off my chest.

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    by banuaba(lol@keke.rofl)
    gfd messagesAIM
    on Apr 21, 2004 07:08:23 AM
    Tillamook... best. dairy. ever.

    Here in shithole arizona the only tillamok product one can purchase is cheese.. The cheese is great, but it doesn't top the ice cream or milk.
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    by RichardDeon(nobrakes@downhill)
    gfd messages
    on Apr 21, 2004 01:35:05 PM
    GFD, friggin pinhead HMO MDs! Thanks for the details. I gave you a 9 because I was truly horrified. Get even.
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    6 Months of *twinge*
    by GMFTatsujin(Ask and ye shall receive)
    gfd messagesAIM
    on Apr 21, 2004 01:35:40 PM
    One night I woke up on the floor in a side-splitting, vision-reddening, dear Jesus why won't you just KILL ME kind of agony. I felt like someone had stabbed a red-hot electric cattle prod through my abdomen, and let me tell you, that's never the right kind of way to feel. I had fallen out of bed thrashing around just before I woke up and realized that if this was going to keep up much longer I'd have to kill myself to end the pain.

    It SUCKED. Breathing hard, drinking water, sitting on the shitter and hoping for whatever it was to pass (my thought was "rabid wolverine on PCP" if I recall) - nothing helped. Just had to grin and bear it. At last, it subsided, but understandably, it left me a bit concerned.

    So I went to the doctor. I'm not a "go to the doctor" kind of person, but I figured that this was more that just your average Weird Transient Non-Diagnosable Pain. Besides, it was on the lower right side of my torso, and while I'm no expert, I seem to recall something about that tricky little appendix living somewhere around there. Who better to figure out what this is that a doctor, I think.

    They check me in, take my weight, take my temperature, and I answer some questions. The doctor walks in and looks at me with a keen, inspecting eye. At last he speaks. His advice?

    "It's a weird transient undiagnosable pain. Take two asprins and let me know if it happens again." Literally: TAKE TWO ASPRINS.


    A week later, the same Unseen Death Ray From Beyond strikes me down, and again I go to the doctor. I make it a point to indicate, RIGHT HERE ON THE SIDE OF MY BELLY WHERE THE EVOLUTIONARY CUL-DE-SAC OF A SUICIDE PILL IS, right there is where the pain lives. Again, I am checked in, weighed, temped and what-not. The doctor walks in and speaks. His advice?

    "It's gas. Take some TUMS and call me if it happens again."

    This kind of shit goes on for about 6 months. Every couple of weeks the Invisible Ironshod Hand of God reaches through my skin and gives my appendix a nice friendly squeeze.

    Finally, I have had my fill of this. Slicky, worried for me but living out of town at the time, gives me a little advice. "Poke your belly and see if it hurts." I poke. Poking in, it doesn't hurt. Withdrawing the poke, I'm on the floor crying for momma. "This is called rebounding pain," she explains to me, "and it's the thing that means you've probably got appendicitis."

    This from someone who doesn't have a medical education aside from what she's picked up from her mom, the military nurse. Funny thing though: her, I trust. Let me point out: This is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE DIAGNOSIS OF MY CONDITION TO DATE.

    I take this clue to the doctor's office. This time I end up with a resident, fresh out of college and ready for action. THANK GOD. This guy is looking to do the job right, and hasn't had time to slide into the mindset that he knows everything already. I explain the poke. I explain the pain. He nods his head and says that yes, this is a possibility, but it is hard to diagnose. Why don't you take these antibiotics and come back in a few weeks...

    No no no, I indicate. Why don't *you* arrange for an ultrasound. No hurry: I've got all day. I don't even have to start whispering naughty litle words like "malpractice". After a while, a nice guy with a big machine that goes "beep" walks into the office and starts smearing contact jelly on my tummy.

    Two hours later, surprise surprise, I'm in the emergency room with a perforated appendix, all puffed up and ready to pop. Been building up to that for about, oh, a couple of months or so, says the surgeon, and I should have come in earlier.

    Well, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, who would have thought.

    This is part of why I don't trust doctors, especially if they've been around for a while. The resident was at least on the right track, unsure enough of his abilities to verify that he'd covered his bases, asked me questions and did the simple things that doctors can do to figure out what's what.

    I know appendicitis is hard to diagnose. But still, FUCK EM.
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      Dood I truly
      by Pandora(
      gfd messages
      on Apr 21, 2004 02:38:34 PM
      Feel your pain
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      Welcome to modern medicine
      by zaxon(huk~)
      gfd messagesMSN
      on Apr 21, 2004 05:05:00 PM
      A lot of doctors these days schedule their appointments fucking 15 minutes apart, cramming patients in like whoa.


      "... Oh, and don't forget to see the receptionist on the way out to make sure your payment is in order!"

      All in all, you spend more time WAITING than you do seeing the doctor, get zero help, and they still collect a huge payment.
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        You speak the truth.
        by bean
        gfd messages
        on Apr 21, 2004 07:18:45 PM
        With the population exploding there really isn't a good doctor to patient ratio and it's even worse if you are a specialist.

        It's sad, but you can now say, "Back in the day I used to have a handful of patients and knew all of them well." Yeah it used to be like that. There were the regulars, the out-of-towners in a rush, and the newbies. How long did I work for free? Doing tons of riveting and polishing jobs for free? But it made me happy. I still like to do a free "clean-up" job for any patient that doesn't act like a complete asshole.

        But the truth runs the world. The more patients through the door means more money for my overlords. So that means seeing more people, which in turn means my schedule is overflowing with appointments not including walk-ins and emergencies. This was a big reason I left. Now I am happily awaiting a position were I would see between 2-10 people a day instead of 15-30.
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    "acute follicular tonsillitis" gold star
    by Gribble
    gfd messages
    on Apr 21, 2004 03:18:38 PM
    Got to watch those sucker hairs that get stuck in the back of yer throat. Let that be a lesson to yer husband; shave that bush!
    [Reply to this comment]
      by Pandora(
      gfd messages
      on Apr 21, 2004 03:25:21 PM
      Funny ha ha ha, but some how I don't think thats what they meant. I will pass along the recommendation to the hubby though.
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    Medical Ethics
    by bean
    gfd messages
    on Apr 21, 2004 07:27:28 PM
    The Hippocratic Oath is meant for such instances. Though many schools have changed it since the classical version.

    Most oaths include healthcare provided in timely fashion. At least you should write or speak to your physician about this matter. You might be helping the next person along.
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      I didn't read the story
      by bastick
      gfd messages
      on Apr 24, 2004 03:56:28 PM
      but from a cursory glance I must say, "sue the motherfuckers"...Maybe you can get a lifetime supply of ultram. Just like in Charlie and the Chocalate factory but instead of, One love....
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    oh geez
    by hyperform(chris at impulse fish dot net)
    gfd messagesAIM
    on Apr 26, 2004 08:45:28 AM
    that is one of the most awful things ever. I'm sorry you had to go through that.
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    Misdiagnosis..the story of my Dad's past 4 years
    by NATO Boy(
    gfd messages
    on Apr 26, 2004 09:08:49 AM
    Our family doctor diagnosed him with pneumonia. When we got a second opinion, he ended up having a ruptured Aorta and needing surgery for a Mechanical Heart Valve (with only a 20% chance of the operation going successful.) He's still alive thanks to that heart valve operation (but nonetheless doesn't trust our old doctor anymore.) Hows that for fucked?
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    Although this has NOTHING
    by Spanker(
    gfd messagesAIM
    on Apr 26, 2004 05:25:09 PM
    to do with anything posted here, I didn't want to contaminate the story board with none-GFDs/
    However, if any of you are interested, I got accepted to take undergraduate classes at Penn over the summer
    Basically super AP's
    Thank you all for keeping my hope in humanity alive long enough get me to do something entertaining. I attribute my grammar whoring and vocabulary to you all, I feel like I'm graduating from Boot Camp
    -I'm well aware half of you are getting that fuzzy warm feeling of being about to tear me a new hole, but none the less-
    -written in temporary enthusiasm-
    [Reply to this comment]
    by ohmyfuckingod(
    gfd messages
    on Apr 27, 2004 05:31:15 PM
    I have to puke now.
    [Reply to this comment]
    by GuitarPlayingMonkey
    gfd messagesAIMYahooMSN
    on May 2, 2004 05:51:16 AM
    I made it halfway through, I felt like throwing up... I quit just after the not waiting for the novocaine to take effect...

    Out of the two godfuckingdamnits I've read, this one definitely deserves a high vote! Go sue them if you're not already... you deserve the money for it.
    [Reply to this comment]
    holy shit
    by auntclara
    gfd messages
    on Jan 24, 2005 05:57:01 PM
    I read trhis story before when I first found this site and you are who insired me to actually write my horror story. I feel your pain too sister, and I hope you feel better. I have nerve damage in my fingers from the IV line they tried to put in my hand 4 mos later and my fingers still tingle. Its bullshit what happens, when we put our trust in doctors that SUCK!!!!!!
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    One more comment...that sort of looks like a rant
    by Myrianda(
    gfd messagesAIMYahoo
    on Jan 26, 2005 02:24:25 PM
    My grandmother went to her doctor four years ago for a kidney infection. She came out with enough thyroid medecine to put a horse down. After a few months, when she could no longer stay awake long enough to have a phone conversation, and she looked like one of those starving africans ya see on tv she went to another doctor. Only to find out she'd never had thyroid problem, he'd put her on to big a dose of the medicine, and since she'd started taking it she had to stay on, only at a much much lower dose!!
    The end result of this "how much money can I get out of this trusting old lady, and next patient please" mentality, was my grandmother dieing. Her heart had been so weakend that she 3 heart attacks before she got to the hospital. The first tore a whole in her heart that the surgeon attempted to repair. Unfortunately she had another one during the operation and it more or less blew her heart up. So she fucking died all because that fucker put her on medicine she didn't need but he got paid to hand out like it was fucking candy!!!!
    I hate fucking doctors like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [Reply to this comment]
    I was in a car accident
    by Haceldama(I don't like you, either)
    gfd messages
    on Aug 14, 2007 10:02:35 AM
    when I was 18. I ruptured my spleen. I sat in the ER strapped to a board for about 2 hours, while I internally hemorrhaged quarts of blood. Finally, a nurse came in and took me to x-ray. While trying to stand me up, I passed out and hit the floor from blood loss. Was this a clue to the esteemed medical staff? Hell no. They then proceeded to berate me for being "childish and dramatic." They told me to "get my clothes on" so I could be discharged. I'm sitting back in the ER room, trying to get my clothes on, thinking "I'm going to die, and no one will help me." Luckily, my aunt (a surgical nurse at another hospital) heard that I had been in an accident and came to see me. She took one look at my pale, bloodless face, grabbed my cold, clammy hand, and checked my rapid, thready pulse. Then she started barking orders at the ER staff. Long story short, emergency surgery ensued. The spleen was pulverized, had to be removed, and I was told that if I had actually been discharged as per the original game plan, I would have bled to death within 8 hours. Yeah, most medical "professionals" can eat a big, fat dick.

    What I found out is that it's rather difficult to sue a hospital for almost killing you if there are no lasting ill-effects.
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      Do not question the Gods in White!
      by QuizzMizz(a.quiz@nine.kills.time)
      gfd messages
      on Aug 15, 2007 08:33:08 AM
      At least in Germany, they can do no wrong!

      My dad: severe heart attack misdiagnosed as indigestion. Went more than twelve hours without proper treatment. Heart damage was so bad that he was given 6 more months to live. Tough old bastard that he was, he stretched that to barely 5 years of weakness and suffering.

      My grandfather: pain from a blocked urinary tract misdiagnosed (by the same GP quack) as an arthrotic hip joint. Lived out his last months with a trans-abdominal catheter.

      My grandmother: Received prescription anti-depressants that were absolutely contra-indicated after she had been diagnosed with ALS. The kicker here: they had been prescribed for anxiety she had suffered a few years prior to the ALS diagnosis. The greedy enabler pharmacist, whom she knew well, kept giving them to her without a current prescription because she paid for them herself.

      Me: Tonsils out at age 26. Chilean head anesthesiologist (in a German hospital) with limited grasp of German was incapable of answering my pre-op questions. Doctor who proposed and performed the surgery was incapable of drawing my blood, stating I had "rolling veins". (Hm, none of the Red Cross nurses who took my blood donations twice a year the 8 years prior ever mentioned anything of the kind.) Was left alone in my hospital room after receiving preparatory injection of sedative and being told to change into the OP gown, resulting in me collapsing next to the bed naked with one arm in said gown, buzzer out of reach. Woke up post-op with the corners of my mouth slightly torn and a chipped incisor. Received nothing to cool my burning throat with until my sister raised a ruckus. Was given dry white bread for my first post-op meal. Ok, nothing potentially life-endangering except perhaps for the unsupervised sedation. But I was privately insured at the time. I hate to think to which level of incompetence that hospital subjected patients with only basic insurance.

      Recourse in Germany: No fat fucking chance.

      On a related note: Incompetent or uncaring vets? Too many stories to tell.

      I'm starting to realize why my subconscious would not allow me to finish my studies. I hold too much personal hostility towards "medical professionals".
      [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
    Holy Shit
    by Tripster2007(
    gfd messages
    on Sep 21, 2010 06:59:51 PM
    That is one of the worst stories ever! As if it were not horrible enough, what is with all the fucktards sharing their horror stories and trying to make it all about them? GFD! They Suck! Hope you feel better now...since it is 6 years later.
    [Reply to this comment]
    by dee
    gfd messages
    on Dec 30, 2013 07:38:15 PM
    I wouldn't wish an illness on anyone, but I think all doctors should get really sick and really scared before they start their practice
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