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general Fuck the French, Fuck the Germans and Superfuck the Russians!
by magictime69
gfd messages
( on Mar 12, 2003 02:34:49 PM

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The French? Cheese and rice!

The Germans?
They should not even be permitted to speak for another 100 years.

Russia? It's like Chicago in the 30's over there.
The French...buncha' pussies. We sure as hell saved their snivelling little petite assses in BOTH world wars. They really need to 'Chatta!' "Freedom-fries" as well as "Freedom-kissing" and a ""Freedom-tickler" all sound better anyway...

The Goddamned fucking Germans??? Please, these fucking nimrods started and LOST both world wars. In the second one the fools were spellbound by the "FUHRER" (with brown eyes) and ostensibly their own GREED and BLOODLUST. I propose HERE and NOW (yes, you heard it FIRST, HERE) That we change hamburger to "Homelandburger" (the REAL-American Patriots go wild...major applause)
So fast food goes something like this now:
"Yo, yes you may. We will have four deluxe *Homelandburgers with real American cheese and uh, lemme' see...mmm, too Large, No scratch that. Two X-tra Large *Freedomfries. No, wait, I'm sorry. Better just make that Two *Patriot Platters, thanx."
After a thorough brushing of the teeth, tongue, gums and a good floss... it's off to *Freedom kissing. If all goes well, maybe even break out the *New and Improved FREEDOM-TICKLER*

Russians? Hell, two words: Bobby Fisher!

I want to hear from the Native American Nations on this matter.

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    Did you hear about the new french tank?
    by Microsoft Bob(
    gfd messagesAIMICQ
    on Mar 12, 2003 02:41:32 PM
    It has 5 gears-- Four in reverse, and one in forward, just in case they are attacked from behind.

    (With appropriate apologies to whoever I stole this from)
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    World Government Sites:
    by magictime69(
    gfd messages
    on Mar 12, 2003 03:01:36 PM
    World Government Web Sites
    Rather and Hussein
    The real scoop
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    the french
    by irni(
    gfd messagesAIMYahooMSN
    on Mar 12, 2003 03:10:08 PM
    helped us durring the revolutionary war. just shut up. yes they smell. yes they suck most of the time. but stop talking out of your ass. kthx.
    [Reply to this comment]
    by cxreg(
    gfd messagesAIM
    on Mar 12, 2003 03:13:44 PM
    Fuck that noise. I still say they should have called them INFINITE JUSTICE STICKS WITH KETCHUP
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    that'll teech em!
    by bean
    gfd messages
    on Mar 12, 2003 08:25:31 PM
    yes, yes. i can not wait to look back and have to explain to the younger generations why we thought re-naming a food substance was some sort of insult. and that somehow this would sway their opinion of our nation.

    hmm.. did the entire world just revert back to junior high mentality? or am i just noticing this now?
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    by raven(duz ur face hurt its killin me)
    gfd messagesAIM
    on Mar 13, 2003 01:34:00 PM
    which means you are against underage russian "lesbians". which means you are unamerican. which means we will elect infuriated middle aged men to burn you at the stake while listening to "they're not gonna get us."

    it'll be a family bonfire. bring the kids.
    [Reply to this comment]
      by zaxon(huk~)
      gfd messagesMSN
      on Jun 2, 2003 06:33:23 PM
      THAT GIRL.
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      all the things she said
      by irni(
      gfd messagesAIMYahooMSN
      on Jun 3, 2003 09:34:46 AM
      all the things she said runnin through my head runnin through my head

      [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
        by rababa(
        gfd messages
        on Jun 3, 2003 12:24:31 PM
        the russian version is much better - it sounds better and makes sence with the video.. - the translation was made to match the music not the meaning.. -
        ... - ohohoho videos -- if you have time get "Prostie Dvijenia"= "Simple moves" (tr?) video ...
        if i were home alone a go watch it right now ^_^

        ... back to work
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          oh, and here I thought
          by cxreg(
          gfd messagesAIM
          on Jun 3, 2003 08:31:59 PM
          raven was misquoting twisted sister. *sigh*
          [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
            by rababa(
            gfd messages
            on Jun 4, 2003 01:25:46 PM
            and I always thought that was "We're not gonna take it"

            by the way TS favourite video : "The Leader of the Pack" go get it - its on the Come Out and Play tape (or P2P) but only after you watch the TATU one
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    french fries are actually belgian
    by anal0gue(
    gfd messages
    on Mar 14, 2003 03:56:43 PM
    and french toast was invented by a man named french in albany new york.

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    Say what you want about them
    by Malachi le nomade
    gfd messagesAIMYahoo
    on Jun 5, 2003 04:57:32 PM
    But I have news for you:

    The French don't know why we call it "french fries" or "french vanilla" or anything else like that. There is nothing FRENCH about them, the French didn't invent them... all changing the name did was prove that we Americans can be pretty fucking stupid and egotistically self-important sometimes... sad really... changing the name meant nothing to the French...

    and don't blame all peoples just because their leaders are pussies
    [Reply to this comment]
      here's a history lesson for you
      by kraken
      gfd messages
      on Jun 5, 2003 06:58:00 PM
      french fries are called french fries because they were invented by a guy with the surname of 'French'.
      [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
        perhaps not true....
        by Malachi le nomade
        gfd messagesAIMYahoo
        on Jun 6, 2003 07:43:31 AM
        (#7172) It seems there are a number of varieties of the history of the french fry. But it still doesn't change anything on my original post... I dated a French woman for a year, still email with her, and she has no clue why we refer to so many things as "French" and would ask me why Americans DO call them french (of course, her first view of Gatorade was pretty funny too ;) I believe her comment was "We put things that color in our cars!" ;) )
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    Yer just jealous
    by Pxtl(
    gfd messages
    on Jun 6, 2003 10:48:17 AM
    yer just jealous 'cause the French women, dispite having worse hygene, _still_ manage to be sexier then your American chicks.
    [Reply to this comment]
      by Father Jack
      gfd messages
      on Jun 7, 2003 02:56:19 PM
      Their cheese stinks to high heaven, but I keep going back to the hypermarche for more.
      [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
      No they don't.....
      by Malachi le nomade
      gfd messagesAIMYahoo
      on Jun 9, 2003 12:53:56 PM
      'cause the French women, dispite having worse hygene

      oh sure, some do, but so do some American women (ride a bus sometime....).

      _still_ manage to be sexier then your American chicks
      Obviously, you're dating the wrong American "chicks".... perhaps stepping away from the chicken coop will help.....

      Sounds like trolling for nothing.....
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    haha, hating on 3 races all at the same time
    by thisgirl(
    gfd messages
    on Jun 9, 2003 03:53:45 AM
    all i gotta say is germans are so damn senstitive with the whole nazi thing, they really should get over it.
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    I really don't see...
    by Cyril Khan
    gfd messages
    on Jun 10, 2003 06:59:29 AM
    how you get off calling the germans Greedy or Bloodlustful when the most honorable US of A decided to declare war on a country on the basis of their having connections to terrorist organisations and that they were up to their eyeballs in Weapons of Mass Destruction. So where's your proof of terrorist connections? Where are all these WMDs (or should be call them Weapons of Mass Distraction instead?
    Actually, you gotta give it to you americans: You pretty muich disarm a whole country's military arsenal, and then when you're sure they don't got anything bigger than the kitchen sink to throw back at you, Then and only then do you go in...
    What I really don't get is how the americans allow themselves to be led into a war that's half way across the planet, just so Bush & Co. can line there pockets even more than before. It would actually be forgivable if your dear president was at least slightly well spoken, but this guy makes the village idiot look sharp. He was defeated 1-0 by a PRETZEL, and word has it he won't touch 'em any more for fear of a relapse...

    Oh, and just to clear up that little thing about french hygiene, but it's nothing but hot airL I've yet to see a french chick who isn't all over cleaner/healthier than any american girl I know.

    And for crying out loud people, do something about your national weight average!! You guys double in size every ten years, and it isn't the population count I'm talkin' about!
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      this is atypical liberal bullshit
      by Malachi le nomade
      gfd messagesAIMYahoo
      on Jun 10, 2003 12:31:32 PM
      so I won't even bother with most of it....

      though on the french women hygiene thing (and I detest the use of the word "chick".... it honestly does make it sound like you're cruising the farmland, looking for the freshly hatched). I dated a French woman for a year that admitted that MANY French women just aren't that hygienic... case in point, she doesn't like to shop in most stores around Paris because Parisians don't like to wash that much... she even found lice on a shirt that she was going to try on. She showered every day, but swears that many just don't.... now, I'm not trying to generalize and say that ALL don't, just that, from what she told me, and her being French and her entire family being french, she knows that MOST don't...
      [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
        if parisian apartments are anything like parisian hotels...
        by Skewfield(bean makes me fart)
        gfd messagesAIM
        on Jun 10, 2003 12:36:26 PM
        then bathing is fucking miserable for the entire population. see, the majority of americans are used to showering, while a french shower consists of wallowing in your own filth while you attempt to hose yourself off. at least that was my experience in several parisian hotels.
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    Are you..
    by shutdefukup(
    gfd messagesAIMYahooMSN
    on Jan 12, 2004 10:59:20 AM
    on your menstrual cycle?

    Go throw a tantrum somewhere else, son.
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    I know this is an old one but here it goes:
    by nusschen
    gfd messagesICQ
    on Jan 12, 2004 07:11:08 PM
    Spare me your holier-than-thou attitude. I could go on about how America sucks all day long too, but you don't see me wasting other GFD members time? NO.

    Listing the historical mistakes and renaming foods doesn't make you some kind of true patriotic spirit. Just goes to show how you will recite anything you hear. You are pathetic.

    P.S.: You are unoriginal. This kind of 20th century, cold-war, bashing has been done and redone to death long before your father was a twinkle in your grandfathers eye.
    [Reply to this comment]
    yes yes yes
    by clipon
    gfd messagesMSN
    on Aug 16, 2004 03:46:59 PM
    fucking me Yessssssss....
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    Fuck the Germans
    by Adolf(
    gfd messages
    on Aug 14, 2009 09:29:37 AM
    Dear German Fucker,
    You are such kind of a empty nut, that my ass is laughing about. First of all there are no native american citizens - except the indian people. You and all those German, Franch and rest of nation fuckers are coming from ethnic bloodlines.
    Amerika is build by Migrants from all over the World. As a big melting pot of many different nations and bloodlines. Due to the human definitions of Animal are Bastards. I.e. mixed races. So what are you proud of? Your Granny or Grandfather is may be German, French, Italian or what-so-ever.
    Your great Nation starts conflicts and wars - but you can not even finishing up those wars on your own (Iraq,Afghanistan,Kosovo). You are begging for help of the Assholesniffers from France, the Nazis from Germany etc.,etc.
    You failed in Cuba, Korea, Venezuela,Vietnam etc.,etc. So close up your big bloody mouth and come back to reality.
    Think before you shout!
    Best regards
    [Reply to this comment]
      by zaxon(huk~)
      gfd messagesMSN
      on Aug 14, 2009 02:29:22 PM
      I do not think those were your best regards at all.
      Yours in Christ
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      I almost feel patriotic
      by Cossack(The-weak-should@DIE.kill)
      gfd messages
      on Aug 16, 2009 09:48:24 AM
      "First of all there are no native american citizens - except the indian people."

      No the indians reside in eurasia.

      Dear every fucker.
      When you scream "I hate america!"
      I dont scream with you. (but only because I'd get arrested)
      When you scream "I hate the american people!"
      I scream "Suck my dick!"

      I never wanted to go to war, I never went to war and I never intend on going to war unless its MY war. I have no business in Iraq or Afghanistan.

      When you blame the american government make sure your blaming the american government. Because I didn't have any part in the economy failing or any wars or anything. I tend the field and write my music and thats all I do. I don't even want to live here! I just don't have the money to move yet.

      p.s. Fuck you and your piss ant electric cars. I'm ten times better for the environment because I-RIDE-A-BICYCLE. Seriously, what kind of lazy fuck are you that you cant ride a bike in the CITY? God dammit I ride 10 miles into town.

      Suck my dick bigot.
      [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
        Hi Queeny
        by Adolf(
        gfd messages
        on Aug 17, 2009 04:33:14 AM
        It is only a confirmation that some poufs have a filthy big mouth and if they twinkle their eye-lids ....Jesus..they have a big echo in their heads.
        I don´t hate american people at all. Most of them are OK. Only such kind of empty headed primitive piss offs as you are. But such kind of trash cans are everywhere.
        Do you really think one of those German, French, English etc. soldiers wanted to got to war?
        If you scream: Fuck the Germans, the French, the Russians etc. then it is your first agitation - not mine!
        You can ride your little bicycle as much as other kids do. Don´t anoy me with such childish arguments. Before I suck a cock - I would kill the demander immediately. I am a real Men not a pouf and not as yellow as you are. I will be not an agitator, but with comments as on top of the page... I will get mad.
        I am telling you: During the history every Government have had his little Hitler. Hitler killed innocent Jews etc. America killed with atomic bombs uncountable civil people in Japan. Stalin killed more people then even Hitler,
        So - do not offer me again to suck your little Hot time you never know who is knocking on your door and playing Baseball with somebody head.

        [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
          by Cossack(The-weak-should@DIE.kill)
          gfd messages
          on Aug 18, 2009 10:29:49 PM
          So, you are in essence admitting to hating the american people? Every last man women and child living in those boundaries with the right paperwork?

          I remember saying "Suck my dick" only if you say you hate the american people. And you assume I'm saying that to you. Thus, you must hate the american people. Thats alot of people to hate. Maybe you should relax and take the time to meet a few? And yet always I am getting trouble for being the bigoted american.

          (giving you shit for not reading my comment very well)

          "If you scream: Fuck the Germans, the French, the Russians etc. then it is your first agitation - not mine!"

          I never said I disliked any of them, I found this GFD rather offensive actually. Besides you little tween, my fucking username is COSSACK... maybe you dont know what country they are strongly associated with. (but yes I am aware that they/we originated from ukraine)

          You ARE a fucking bigot. I never said many of the things you think I said. You would like to believe I said them which is why you wrote that.

          What makes you think I believe the american government is so great? I dislike it strongly, I made that clear in my post. You neglected that and assumed I'm like every other american stereotype. You assumed I was pro war. I'm not pro war, I made that very clear as well.
          BTW, THEY, not me, THEY nuked japan and killed thousands of civilians. I am not america. I didn't build that bomb, I didn't launch that attack, I wouldn't have launched that attack, I wouldn't have helped. You assume to much. Die.

          Childish arguments? So its only childish when its an american making you look bad. But hell, when I drive my tractor to town then I'm killing the world!

          Good day to you. May you burn in hell... Wait... I don't believe in hell... may you die in a meteor shower.
          [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
    Fuck the Germans etc.
    by Adolf(
    gfd messages
    on Aug 22, 2009 08:19:39 AM
    Dear Cossack or what ever Russian asshole you are. I do not hate America or their People - but I HATE!!!!! with every piece of my heart Russians, Eastblock ass-sniffers, fraudsters, gangster and all fuckin Races of those communist and ex-communist Countries in the bloody slavic regions.
    Those fuckin damn bloc-heads which are only opportunists and pissed off to America and all other free Countries in the world -because they have being searched by the police of the own "Country" ( say´s
    a bloody rubbish tin only). You are may a son of such primitive shit eaters and born in America. But you do not deserve it to live there - because of your big mouth.. a heart like a mouse..not prepared to go into war for the Country in which you are a free individual.Even a yellow blood pissing Bastard and parasite, as all of your "colleagues" from Eastblock Countries.
    Fuck you, you russian Bastard!!! And do not open up your empty headed dirty mouth to people with real cultured background.
    I am a natural born russian-killer. I.e. I would take even an US gun in case of war against those miserable slimy fuckin eastblock "Countries" and show you what a free Western European Civilist is capable to do: Fuck you!

    [Reply to this comment]
      Still a bigot... Still an idiot... Still cant win any wars...
      by Cossack(The-weak-should@DIE.kill)
      gfd messages
      on Aug 22, 2009 09:16:29 AM
      Adolf doesnt remember world war II... o.O (thats the war when the americans and the RUSSIANS kicked your ass along with the asses of the japanese)

      Ok, so your still a bigot but now you just sorta hate americans and really hate russians and everyone who might be related to russians. Including Polish, Ukrainians, Croatians and maybe even hungarians.

      "but I HATE!!!!! with every piece of my heart Russians, Eastblock ass-sniffers, fraudsters, gangster and all fuckin Races of those communist and ex-communist Countries in the bloody slavic regions."

      So, considering all russians are communists and evil then that means you are actually
      Adolf HITLER because you know... your first names Adolf.

      "pissed off to America and all other free Countries in the world "
      Russia is a free country. And I dislike america not because its a free country its just that I dont think its rules are for me and so I would rather live somewhere else.

      "and show you what a free Western European Civilist is capable to do"
      Not alot.
      No offense to anyone from this region, I'm just saying. Your government isn't really set up to do as much fighting as others.

      Grow some balls and talk to some real people you ignorant little tween.
      [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
        stupid eastbloc
        by Adolf(
        gfd messages
        on Aug 24, 2009 09:16:57 AM
        Yeahhhhhh.......... thats what I like! YOU kicked Adolf in his bump. I tell you what: If in the sec. World war Adolf and his gang has made a war only against the Russians ( and not split his Army into 3 dozend different wars ) you Ukrain guys would talk German today. The same with the USA. So what kind of yellow power ist that, to fight together with 2 dozens Countries against one only??? To wait until the ONE Enemy has got no materials, no food, nor cloth or amunition-nothing anymore and then play the big hero and invade during the last days of war. Yes! You are really BIG.
        Ukrain belonged in those times to Poland and was stolen from Russia during the war.
        Russia is not free at all. You are blind. Tell in Russia something against
        (Ras)Putin and you will end up killed or imprisoned in Gulag as Churodowski and uncountable others.

        But obviously is, that I told you the truth about the primitve races of eastbloc:
        Men does not really work overthere only as police men, militair etc. Women wearing the trousers. They are the Bosses because they work in the fields, justice, administrations and shout on the drunken husbands. Some Women work,
        some of them working like prostitutes and selling themself to ethnic guys etc.
        Not to one. No! They have three, four or five "Boyfriends" and one does not know from the others. Thats your dirty bloody life overthere!

        By the way.... I am not a German at all. My Grand parents have been prisoner of War in Germany. My Grandma has been in concentration camp Dachau and survived because of end of the war.
        Our Country ...was one of the "winners" of world war two.
        Thats what you have to learn you little stupid parasite
        [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
          Making more of an ass out of yourself...
          by Cossack(The-weak-should@DIE.kill)
          gfd messages
          on Aug 24, 2009 11:12:21 AM
          It was Adolfs mistake to engage so many enemies. Apparently intelligence is something german leaders lack. Besides, you had plenty of allies yourself.

          " you Ukrain guys would "

          I'm not Ukrainian. I'm russian.

          "The same with the USA. So what kind of yellow power ist that, to fight together with 2 dozens Countries against one only???"

          In world war two It was mostly a battle of three against three.
          Those three being Russia, America, and England (allied) Fighting Germany, Japan, and Italy (axis).

          "Yes! You are really BIG. "

          I'm not saying I'm big I'm just saying your an asshole for hating me based on my last name and where my great grand parents came from.

          "Russia is not free at all."

          Its just as free as america. If you say something against Putin in russia no one cares unless you have the power to be a threat to him. And the same is for america.

          "By the way.... I am not a German at all. My Grand parents have been prisoner of War in Germany. My Grandma has been in concentration camp Dachau and survived because of end of the war.
          Our Country ...was one of the "winners" of world war two.
          Thats what you have to learn you little stupid parasite"

          Then why so pro-germany? I assumed you were german yes but you never said you weren't. You however assumed I was ukrainian when I clearly stated I was not.

          [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
    Let's see...
    by The Gaborg(Sidekick in my own life)
    gfd messages
    on Aug 25, 2009 07:55:55 AM
    The French: Marion Cotillard, Audrey Tautou, Clémence Poésy, Isabelle Huppert, Fanny Ardant, Ludivine Sagnier, Béatrice Dalle, Vanessa Paradis, Alizee, Juliette Binoche, Sophie Marceau, Anouk Aimée, Eva Green, Charlotte Rampling (GILF!), Emmanuelle Beart, Julie Delpy...

    The German: Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, Franka Potente, Diane Kruger, Martina Gedeck, Eva Habermann, Nastassja Kinski, Alexandra Maria Lara, Romy Schneider (CILF!*), Juliane Koehler, Xenia Seeberg, Nadja Uhl...

    The Russian: Olga Kurylenko, Anna Azarova, Olesya Rulin, Helen Mirren (yes, that Helen Mirren, the Queen of GILFs), Ludmila Savelyeva, Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, Maria Kirilenko, Elena Dementieva, Anna Chakvetadze, Elena Vesnina (what do they feed tennis players in Russia?), Irina Sheik, the TATU girls, and all of Met-Art...

    Yeah, I was going to criticize you but I'd fuck those French, I'd fuck them Germans, and I'd definitely superfuck all of those Russians.

    (*Corpse I'd Like To Fuck)
    [Reply to this comment]
    Fuck and Superfuck the Russians
    by Adolf(
    gfd messages
    on Sep 7, 2009 04:31:13 AM
    My dearest and bigot stupid Russian kind of a mirror made Borat,
    Since we shout on each other I prefer to say right now that Jason is right in his comment which concerns super fuck the Russians.
    This does not mean that I like to fuck Russians... no, by gosh I prefer to say that there are simply not human being like. So I do not fuck animals at all.
    As the person Borat in film, most of your Slavic races are fully identically with that primitive kind of shit- personified in Borat. I personally think, that the Russian Government has made an act of worldwide terrorism with open up the iron curtain and leave their pests of people go out and travel into the world. This is obviously a planned act of terrorism against all free Countries worldwide because after the rest of the world has learned to known East bloc people, they understand Adolfs heavy aversions against an "under-human-being".
    So I laugh about Hitler, because he was an Austrian Idiot. But at least he knows what the Russians deserve in reality.
    I do not agree with his attitudes against the rest of the world and not at all what happens with the Jews. But he should have made out of the Slavic Countries large parking's for his stupid Volkswagen. That may have had been the best solution and treatment for Siberian Monkeys.
    You know a Siberian Toilet? OK. They need two sticks. One to lean on to do the Business...(shits)- and one to keep the wolf's away.
    So, Borat or Cossack or whatsoever your name is like, if you do not like to live in America (as you mentioned few times) wy don't you piss off and go back
    your Borat-Country where you belong to?
    I am sure that the US will allow you to take your little children's bike with you. Lets say as a kind of development aid.

    Don´t cry about your own stupidity. You really deserve it.
    [Reply to this comment]
      Well there are a lot of wolves in siberia... but is that really a bad thing?
      by Cossack(The-weak-should@DIE.kill)
      gfd messages
      on Sep 7, 2009 10:10:08 PM
      "So, Borat or Cossack or whatsoever your name is like, if you do not like to live in America (as you mentioned few times) wy don't you piss off and go back
      your Borat-Country where you belong to?"

      Thats the only good point you've made in this post.

      Unfortunately. I already said why i don't go back. I don't yet have the money. Now I bet your going to make a reference to slavic people being poor and too stupid to make money at which point i will reveal my astonishingly high IQ and urinate on your face and fuck all of your attractive female relations.
      [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
        Borat the Cossack
        by Adolf(
        gfd messages
        on Sep 8, 2009 08:11:19 AM
        As I said before: Slavic behaviour, Slavic comments, short: Slavic Bullshit.
        You can not even fuck a Human Being - because no real Women let you do it.
        Go home Borat. You can do it by foot because you are wanderer between the worlds of animals and athletes foot. So do not worry you little prick. You will make it and cry out your pain about your low IQ by your Boss (Ras)Putin.
        Kiss my ass and farewell
        [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
          "You can not even fuck a Human Being" except your mother :O
          by Cossack(The-weak-should@DIE.kill)
          gfd messages
          on Sep 9, 2009 10:22:16 AM
          Actually I guess your right. I suppose I will just walk across america and swim across an ocean. And like you said: "You can do it by foot because you are wanderer between the worlds of animals"

          I suppose a (stupid, with an IQ of 146) slavic badass man-animal like myself should be able to accomplish such a task. I'll stop by europe and mess up the place too.

          See ya soon.

          [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
            by Adolf(
            gfd messages
            on Sep 11, 2009 01:15:37 AM
            Yes. Actually you are Slavic Borat blood line. I.e. genetical trash. They can swim and walk like all fart-faces from overthere. I wait for you - you mouseheart.
            If I am ready with you - you can whether walk, swim or ride on your childish bike. We need Russians here to fill out the holes in our Highways. As I said before ( and your other comments are only a statement for that). You are all loosers your fucking east bloc suckers.
            Your IQ is being purchased. Like every title your fucking bastards have purchased only. My German shephard has got an IQ from 189. So what are you? I tell you:
            Fill material for rotten Highways!

            Kiss my ass you looser

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    by GraspingWind
    gfd messages
    on Sep 8, 2009 01:57:16 AM
    Yes, yes I did just rate this story a 10.
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    started BOTH world wars?
    by OMFGGFD(hate@me.motherfucker)
    gfd messagesMSN
    on Jan 5, 2012 02:15:27 PM
    have you ever been in school? have you ever listened in school? Germany had an oppurtunity to prevent wwi but they sure as shit didnt start it.

    Fucking fat americans.
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