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general my mum is a psycopath
posted anonymously on Jul 10, 2014 12:55:50 PM

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I want my mum to die.
Ever since my brother and I were born my mum has abused us both physically and verbally. He's now 20 and is much stronger than her so doesn't get the abuse. I on the other hand am 17 and a lot smaller (and weaker).

A bit of background:
My brother almost got taken into foster care when he was 1 but my mum pretended to have baby blues and cried in front of the psychiatrist so they believed her and let him come home.
A lot of my mum's family have mental illnesses. My grandparents were also abusive parents to their children.

I'm under the impression my mother most definitely has a mental illness. There is absolutely no way someone can go from swearing and throwing things then smiling and pretending nothing happened five minutes later. But of course she's in denial and will not see a doctor.

In all honesty, if i got a slap every now and then for maybe doing something wrong i probably wouldn't be angry or annoyed, but it's more that i'm the punchbag of the house. During several family arguments, she's mentioned she hates me because i wasn't smart enough to get into the secondary school she wanted me to and because i apparently remind her of her mental sister who ran away from home when she was 14.

I just don't get how someone can call person a whore, prostitute, thick, bitch, fat, ugly and so much more as well as beat them up (pull hair, slap, kick, punch, bite, spit on) almost every single day. And not feel any sort of guilt. Nothing. Also she thinks she does nothing wrong.

I'm done with being the quiet little girl who never says anything and doesn't retaliate.

She's the stupid one, the psychopath who will eventually die (hopefully sometime very soon) and when she does I promise you I will hold the biggest party you've ever seen and you'll all be invited.

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