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computers Modern Internet Users
by Kickassia
gfd messages
( on Dec 9, 2010 03:01:07 PM

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Modern internet users are stupid. I missed the 1990's when talking to somebody online didn't drop my IQ fifty points.

I hate when I'm trying to talk about something online and somebody derails the conversation and changes the subject to sex.

And if I try to steer the conversation back to it's original purpose, I'm considered a "loser nerd who can't get any."

Fucking bullshit. I hate Web 2.0.

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    Amen brother/sister...
    by scarygermanguy(
    gfd messages
    on Dec 9, 2010 06:08:13 PM
    So anyways I was banging this hottie at a comic convention when her Sailor Moon costume gets hooked on a corner of the dumpster and long story short she gets pissed at me like it's my fault.
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    What's Web 2.0?
    by original cos(sunday@st.mattress)
    gfd messages
    on Dec 9, 2010 06:30:17 PM
    It's all the same... you might as well call it Web x.xx because it always will be.
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    ... dunce
    by Kickassia(
    gfd messages
    on Dec 9, 2010 10:27:23 PM
    Thanks for the 1 votes jackasses. I hope you choke on diarrhea.
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      by murdersgalore(wacking@yourfuneral.cum)
      gfd messagesMSN
      on Dec 9, 2010 10:54:20 PM
      You loser nerd who can't get any.
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      Only voted 1 because
      by chronkite(
      gfd messagesAIMMSN
      on Dec 10, 2010 07:29:39 PM
      I couldn't vote negative one billion.

      Your post sucks.

      (edit) What insane, irresponsible jackass gave you a two?? God damn it nothing makes sense anymore. Also, your poll needs one more option on it, which is this:

      "Never write anything ever again."

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    by The Gaborg(Sidekick in my own life)
    gfd messages
    on Dec 10, 2010 09:14:52 AM

    Read it.
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    O! I Pine For The Dropsy Days gold stargold stargold stargold star
    by TheChisa(come@me.bro)
    gfd messages
    on Dec 10, 2010 11:20:44 PM
    Back yon 1945 when I were a strapping young lad of about 77 -- you hotsnappers may not've seen enough summercorns to reminder -- that were the year of the Manbaby Expansion. In those days a fop could basket four or five manbabies to the haypenny and it weren't unusual to see folks tossing a manbaby or two under the chimney flue to keep warm on the more wintry nights of the year; this were back a'fore manbabies had legal rights you see. Nowadays you see manbabies on half the covers of those salty-lipped sailor rags at the munition depot checkout. Justin Bieber, for example.

    Anylane things came to a nose clot alongside the summer of '57 when I and every other hot-blooded American shoeshiner were drafted for the Great Manbaby War. I fought with the all-Manbaby platoon what captured the Ivory Coast from the Bagger Plums: the 504th Mechanized Manbaby Division, under the iron-thumbed rule of Staff and Rod Sergeant Joseph K. Violent Manbaby. (I never did foster how in tarfeathers and horse glue his mama gave him a name like that twenty odd years before he went into the military?) Those manbabies fought longer and harder than a phalanx of butchers would've and without their bloody sacrifice there'd be Hell to pay come Arbor Days.

    You know, my second wife was a manbaby. Chelsea Jacqeuline Chesterfort Rumdrinker Fenderson Manbaby was her maiden name, but we had the good parson shorten it down to Billy Potts after the ceremony and the ritual goat beating. My, she was a looker. Back in those days it was uncommon, nay impossible to find a manbaby that didn't look as though she'd been smacked square in the porkchops by Mickey Mantle holdin' the eyebolt from a windmill. But my sweetcorn Billy was shiny and pink as a Leyendecker ballerina. My gum, I loved her like a feverish Chinaman and I'd be yet prancing like a catnip'd stray to her fancies hadn't she been conscripted to a circus wagon.

    Out when I catch some glassjawed potato-snout chim-chaw gabbin' on along some Web 2.0 hoo-la-la, it's long enough to make a greasefinger do a spit-take in his cranberry fields! I pine for the Manbaby Days, those precious, precious days of innocence, wherein cherubim frolicked among the masses like so many marshmallows in a kettle o' Pummeled Flax-O's*.

    * Pummeled Flax-O's is a trademark of the Mornegie-Grotts Fiber Commodity Syndicate, LLC; used with permission.
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    While this rant is kind of lame...
    by The Master
    gfd messagesMSN
    on Jan 15, 2011 01:56:17 PM
    The concept is sound. I also remember the late 1990's internet. It was a much better place, in most respects. You could get almost anything for free ((like The Chisa's music)well, you still can if you know where to look) at places like & Most sites that had user participation went un-moderated and you had to fend for yourself in an argument.

    Nowadays, most places moderate & censor with an almost nazi-like zest. I have seen people beg for others to be banned, deleted, etc.

    It's rather disgusting. Add to this the way Microsoft has dumbed down the operation system, thereby causing a huge influx of people that are so stupid, they cannot spell simple words and are so fucking lazy, they abbreviate everything and jump on silly-ass catchphrases (the latest one I've noticed is ending every fucking sentence with "Just Sayin...").

    I remember when the only lazy abbreviation was "LOL..." I remember Windows 3.1 and installing software, games, etc. where you had to manually configure it to make it work. You had to be semi-intelligent to use a computer, back then.

    Now, any ass-monkey can use one. What's next? A chip that is implanted in our brains that make the mouse & keyboard obsolete? All the ass-monkey has to do is think "youtube" and it will magically appear before his eyes?
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