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by erober99
gfd messages
( on Aug 31, 2009 02:05:17 PM

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The most unfair and fucked up "bureau" in the U.S.
Let me start by saying that my credit "score" is not horrible, it hovers around the high 600's or low 700's; so I am NOT a person who is ranting and raving simply because I have poor credit and I don'y pay any of my bills. Fact is, I pay ALL of my bills except 1. I will not EVER pay this bill and I have a good reason why, but let's talk about these fuckbag shithead loser motherfucker credit "bureaus" first.

I use Italics because I would like to know how it is these agencies decided they were a "bureau"; which is most commonly assciated with a government entity. The fact is, these "bureaus" are NOT associated with the government at all and are indeed private companies. Apparently at some point a group of people or a person decided that he (or they) were going to create a system by which the banks and lending institutions would be able to base their decisions to loan us money on the credit score. Blah blah fucking blah. I would be fine with this system IF it was FAIR and IF it was consistent. It is NOT. And in fact prior to the fair credit reporting act when a consumer had a negative annotation on their report, the burden of proof was on the consumer to prove that it was NOT their issue or that the information was incorrect. The fair credit reporting act is the ONLY thing that has been an inmrovement on this fucked up system. Even though this system has been regulated by the Government (FCRA), it is still highly flawed. For example, I have an issue with a certain cell company that starts with the letter "V" (also a bunch of fucking useless idiots); when my wife and I started a contract with them, we discovered afterwards that the service at our home was horrible and in some cases non-existent. We tried to put up with it for nearly a year but then decided that the dropped calls and lack of service was too much to bear. After being told BY THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE REP that we were justified in seeking service elsewhere (we did) the fucking lying son-of-a-bitch mother fuckers reported us as "bad credit" for early contract termination. That was more than 2 years ago, and I have been fighting it ever since. I REFUSE to pay it, and nobody gives a shit. The banks, the creditors, the credit reporting agencies all use that as a tool to lower my credit score and thus charge me more interest for loans etc. This brings me to my other MAJOR problem with these fuckbag shithead piss ass motherfuckers. I would LOVE to see a comprehensive formula for this "score" they provide. I have approximately 15 active accounts, including 3 vehicles, a home and several revolving accounts (credit cards), many of these accounts go back for many years and none have EVER had a late payment. However, because of the ONE account I have negatively shown from the cell company with a "V", my score is drastically lowered. How is it that one bad mark, against all of the positive accounts can drop my score from perfect to the high 600's ??? I guess my mathematical skills are not as honed as I thought.

So here's my solution; I am going to create the "character bureau". This bureau will be formed to report on a persons character traits and will provide a "score" much like that of the credit bureaus. This score will be whatever I want it to be and the very first clients I choose to add will be the executives at all of these credit bureaus. I will assume they have very low scores, as the "Asshole" deduction will be quite high in their cases. Because they work for these agencies their "association with fucked-up companies" will also be a huge negative on their part. Of course the burden of proof will be on them to show that they are in fact NOT assholes or that they do not work for FUCKED UP companies. These scores may then be used to decide if THEY are worthy of loans, friendship etc...After all, who wants to be friends with an asshole who has a low character score??

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    I hear ya
    by GoFuckYourself(
    gfd messages
    on Aug 31, 2009 11:16:10 PM
    I don't understand this trend of the past 10 years where you have to enter into a bullshit 2 year contract with all these different companies. Phone companies, cable TV, internet, satellite TV, etc. Where is their incentive to provide good service if they've got you by the shorty-hairs for two years?
    Imagine if this were expanded to other aspects of our lives? Would you agree to a two year agreement for dinner and drinks every Friday night before a blind date? Hell no, because before you know it she's bitching about your dirty underwear on the floor and you always leaving toilet seat up.
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    You're the most right person I've ever met in my life.
    by GraspingWind
    gfd messages
    on Sep 2, 2009 01:25:03 AM
    So very true. Every last word. Why can't everyone just get together and say"Hey you know what, fuck credit, fuck lenders fuck banks, lets do this shit over OUR way." Instead of letting greedy assbangers manage our money why cant investors simply invest toward our interest instead of some greedy ass corporation who breaks the earnings into a few fat ass pay checks for a few fat asses!
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      you know...
      by yoursuperman(
      gfd messagesMSN
      on Sep 11, 2009 03:59:34 PM
      it is in the declaration of independence that if the government is not doing things the way the people think they should be doing them or if the government no longer has the citizens best interests at heart, then the citizens HAVE A RIGHT TO OVER THROW. lets start a revolution motherfuckers.
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    What do you complain?
    by OnlyNatives(
    gfd messages
    on Sep 8, 2009 11:08:17 AM
    Nobody gets in this days a credit. A crook (Banker) will not give money away to other crooks.
    Thatīs it.
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    by Cossack(The-weak-should@DIE.kill)
    gfd messages
    on Sep 14, 2009 06:14:22 PM
    Kill the interloper, rip out its life!
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    Comment deleted
    I totally agree
    by NotSpikey(
    gfd messages
    on Sep 2, 2010 03:30:22 AM
    I think you have too much respect for government entities. Other than that I totally agree with you.

    So where's your new bureau? How do I check the 'asshole' scores of different execs & companies?

    A while back one of the 3 credit reporting companies (I forget which one) had an erroneous item on my credit report. They showed that I opened a Macy's store account when I was 1 year old! I pointed this out to them and the woman told me snottily "you'll have to send us proof of your date of birth if you want us to remove this". Yes, they already knew my date of birth, but they wanted me to go through extra trouble to clean up their faulty records. I let it slide. IMO the erroneous item wasn't hurting me any (it was paid up), all it was doing was making them look incompetent. Eventually they removed it.

    I think their information gathering is not as solid as they'd like people to believe. Consider this: When you sign in to check your credit score online they ask you to prove your identity by telling them identifying information about items in your credit history. Recently they asked me something like this:
    "Which of the following institutions did you take out a car loan with in 2007?
    A. Citizens Bank
    B. Bank of America
    C. GMAC
    D. None of the above"

    Well, I didn't take out a car loan in 2007 so I answered 'D'. However my father with nearly the same name as me did get a car loan with GMAC in 2007. I was worried that they had incorrect information in my report and now they were going to conclude I wasn't who I said I was because I didn't choose the 'right' incorrect answer. Instead, they just asked me more "security" questions. A few more of these looked suspiciously like items that belonged on my father's credit report, not mine. Finally they accepted my login. I checked my report, and there was no mention of a car loan in 2007, etc.

    So my theory is they've got a lot of garbage in their database and they know it, and they use these "security" questions partly as a discrete way to clean up their records. If they asked you directly "is this car loan yours?" (and it was) you might not admit it. However if they say "prove who you are by selecting which car loan is yours" then you're more likely to admit to it -- so I think their reasoning goes.
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    Just deal with it
    by fmouse(fmouse dot fmp at gmail dot com)
    gfd messages
    on Apr 13, 2013 01:53:10 PM
    Hey, you're spot on that the system is unfair, and is just one more example of how corporate Amerika has its slimy paws on our private parts. But there's nothing you or I can do about it, so we might as well put on our big girl panties and deal with it. You're probably going to get your credit score docked a bunch more points for posting this rant, correct though it may be.

    And BTW the cell company that begins with a "V" provides our service too, and like you, we have no cell signal at our house - zero, zilch! I've complained about this to them many times, but they get our money every month regardless and have no incentive to improve our service. The problem is that none of the other cell service providers are any better. None of them have enough signal to reach our house. If I walk 100 yards out to the street I've got signal, but at our house, none, nor does anyone else who comes to our house regardless of their cell provider. I've tried to organize people in the neighborhood but the only "newspapers" which serve our area are little ad-supported corporate mouthpiece rags with no place for "letters to the editor" or any other open community feedback forums.
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    I Want To Bitch Too
    by Suffocated
    gfd messages
    on Jul 1, 2014 04:02:21 PM
    Hello everyone,
    First off everyone's credit is their business but weather you got great credit or shitty credit, it's still great to have a place to bitch and vent about this matter. I think the agencies are very unfair, I don't think it's right to hold a late payment against a person for 7 years especially if the account is paid in full, I had three late payments over the course of three years back in 2004-2006, and here I am almost 8 years later and I'm fighting with them to remove those late payments, I read somewhere that depending on how your credit is built that a single late payment can knock your score down anywhere from like 45 to like 100 points, those may not be exact but they are close, one of the things that determine how much it's knocked down is your current credit score, they are so quick to judge you but they don't seem to care when it's time to clear something from the report, in my defense my late payments back then were due to lack of work but in the end the account was actually paid off a couple months early, but that don't seem to matter just the fact that I was late. I called the bank from whom I got the loan for that car and they told me that since it was a closed account that the matter was no longer in their hands and that was up to me to get ahold of Experian and get them to remove the three negative marks, in general I just think that many people who are good and do their best to keep their credit clean get screwed over.
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