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general Life and Death... But More Death.
by steveww
gfd messages
( on Feb 19, 2007 06:07:02 PM

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It's most often people who love life the most, that leave life the quickest. The story of a cursed town.
Cherry Hill, NJ is a picture-perfect world. In fact, there is no better choice of description than that. When looking at pictures, we're basing every thought and opinion from our imagination. Look up a picture of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and look here for your truth. Embrace this with no curiosity if you will, for life, death and all matters of the sort, we control the least. It didn't take long for me to learn that, losing someone I loved at four years old. Some people die never having felt the pain of losing a loved one. Not many, and definitely not me. It wasn't until the end of freshman year that my friends started dropping like flies. Suicides, accidents, drugs, yeah, we've heard it all before. But it's not often we hear of multiple suicides.. annually.. like we do at each of the two Cherry Hill public high schools. Here's the weird part: Everyone who dies loved life more than those who don't die. They're all funny, good-looking, friendly, lovable, outgoing, and favored in the community. Why does it happen like this? Is it safe to say the less one enjoys life, the longer he shall live? Some days it seems like that.

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    by QuizzMizz(a.quiz@nine.kills.time)
    gfd messages
    on Feb 20, 2007 05:04:37 AM
    you got the wrong site. This be GFD as in GodFuckingDamnit, not GeeFeelingDepressed.
    Still, sorry about your friends.
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    All my friends are dead. heart
    by egogg(1337@clownpenis.fart)
    gfd messages
    on Feb 20, 2007 09:22:48 PM
    They're my friends
    and they're dead.

    But seriously, a good half of my friends from Breckenridge, CO are dead, mainly from NOT resisting that urge to put their asses over their heads (doing backflips off stage risers, flips off ski jumps sans the required Spanglish, flips off the sides of trampolines, you get the idea). The rest of them are ski bums and sycophantic trust funders.
    [Reply to this comment] that a Jim Carroll reference?
      by Haceldama(I don't like you, either)
      gfd messages
      on Feb 20, 2007 10:25:23 PM
      But I digress! My friends started dropping like a hooker's panties when I was about's been downhill since then. Still, I'm sorry about your friends, but can you put a little more anger into it?
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        by egogg(1337@clownpenis.fart)
        gfd messages
        on Feb 21, 2007 08:59:04 PM
        I find that usually if someone dies at an early age its because they did something stupid, and they knew it at the time. Natural selection is alive and well in the human population, and that a certain amount of mourning is necessary, but after that we should be thankful that morons extinguish themselves. Sure, a bit of teen death is suicide, but I blame parents for that--its not hard to tell when your teen is suicidal (they'll usually mention it, I did).

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          by QuizzMizz(a.quiz@nine.kills.time)
          gfd messages
          on Feb 22, 2007 03:36:13 AM
          you write the words I had not the heart to. In the time and place I was a teen, there were just not as many opportunities to do dangerously stupid shit. Or maybe my friends and I were just not dangerously stupid enough to put ourselves in harm's way. On the other hand, maybe we didn't consider life generally boring enough to go danger seeking. But it seems, and not just among teens, that the trend in understanding is: To "love" (???) life is to risk it. I must really hate life ...
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    "Cherry Hill, NJ is a picture-perfect world."
    by Emmett(
    gfd messagesAIM
    on Feb 28, 2007 11:31:22 PM
    Yeah, if you like pictures of a mall across the uncrossable highway from the other mall, which is half a block from the other mall and the 36,000-screen Loews Ghettoplex next to yet another mall.

    Maybe pictures of the car wrecks from Jersey drivers who are under the impression that they will be pulled over, ticketed, beaten severely and gang-raped by the multiple-tentacled vat-grown police clones if they show the audacity and unmitigated gall to use a turn signal.
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