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cars DMV sucks
by bean
gfd messages
on Aug 17, 2002 11:19:59 PM

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You never realize how difficult an easy task can become until people get involed. Getting your driver's license renewed and car registered should be a pretty simple errand that should take about 1-2hrs. Well, in the state of AZ it takes a whole fucking day!
Having moved from the east coast to the west coast, I figured it would be easy enough to renew my license and get a new plate. I ended up asking a few locals if there was anything odd about registering in Arizona. I was told to not even bother going to the DMV until I had an emissions test. Now being from the east, I'd never heard of one of these emissions test. So i figured out where these tests were held and started out the next day for my DMV experience. The emissions test was a breeze but an annoyance. Afterwards, I ended up at the DMV and was told i needed an inspection being held at a nearby building. Well they started the inspection only to tell me I had to go across Tucson because I was missing a federal sticker. HUH? Well apparently there are stickers on the door that have federal numbers and if you have door work, sometimes the moronic mechanic will remove it. (sidenote: i had to have door work done because the inner door piece was hanging, apparently the moron i bought the car from thought one plastic pin was enough to hold the door on. not to mention the guy glued together my rims with fucking crazy glue but that's another story.) I got sent across town to this area I'd never been in. Everyone spoke spanish and acted like this was their first day of work. I got the inspection done and was told by the mechanic I could finish all the paperwork here. I went to the office and was told to return to the other DMV because all their computers were broken. Great. So i head all the way back to the other DMV and wait in a hot small office to be helped. This takes an hour and I get back into another line to get my picture taken. I wait about half an hour and ask the girl working there how much longer. She than says the camera just went down and they are trying to fix it except that it usually takes a few hours to get it working again. Gah! SO i wait another hour because i dont want to come back to this hell hole. But eventually they tell all of us that we need to get a voucher and come back later. God damn it. SO now im in another line and i get up to the woman and she kind of laughs when she sees my name, (my last name is spelled kind of odd) and states "The camera broke right before I was supposed to call your name" Great, fucking great. Well i look at her and explain what an annoying experience this has been and that i was pretty pissed. Than i told her the good news. That the other DMV was sending everyone to this DMV to be helped. Her look made me smile. She started freaking out and ran off to tell some manager person. So i spent a whole fucking day with this morons and had to come back the next day to take my picture. So my advice is, take the whole fucking day off work when you have to go to the DMV because there are plenty of morons to deal with there.

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    Ahh, GFD nativity.
    by zaxon(huk~)
    gfd messagesMSN
    on Aug 8, 2003 01:36:30 PM
    0 comments is unacceptable, even if there are no line breaks.
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    for the love of bureaucracy
    by Goatfuck(
    gfd messages
    on Aug 9, 2003 05:33:06 AM
    Now, political partisanship aside, lets look at this and expand a bit, shall we? The DMV, as far as I am aware sucks everywhere. In ALL 50 states. Why? The same reason the post office sucks in all 50 states. Because they can. Bureaucracy is like war and governance in general, it is the worst possible method of doing a thing whose only saving grace is that very often it is the only possible means of doing that very thing. Bureaucracy can be defined as the exponential output of every error, every incompetance, every sloth and every last one of Murphy's many wonderful laws. Add the wonderfully byzantine and chimaeric logic of socialism into the equation (the DMV, like the post office is virtually impossable to get fired from, you have to put forth serious and concerted effort in order to accomplish this, and can still get easily rehired) and you end up with a living, breathing, totally indifferent nightmare.

    What is the connection to the DMV I'm trying to make? Imagine taking the laws and securities that inherently make the DMV and post-office (i.e., governmental control) the sadistically incompetant force that requires you to 'take the whole day' to complete a task that should take between 5-30 minutes AND NO LONGER, and putting that into our health-care systems. Yes anyone who has gone to a public or county ER knows what I am getting at. The DMV sucks, primarilly because the government runs it, and therefor the inevitable government monopoly on the market makes it run like coagulated mollasis.

    I ask you this, should the Hillary-spawned blasphemy of Euro-peon styled socialized medicare ever rear up its ugly hyrda-headed threat to a multitude of other civil liberties, just think of your DMV experience and now imagine you are a 65-yr old pneumonia patient dying in line waiting 27-hrs to get some medical treatment all because the incompetant, minimum-waged, market-protected doctors are far too busy patching up the swarm of gang-bangers with the multiple GSWs. Yes, criminals, such a valuable and valid expendature of our resources.

    Then there is the fact that once the government starts looking at a citizen's personal health as a federally-involved expendature, I wonder how long it will be before every other civil-liberty and "lifestyle-choice" will become outlawed "because it costs the tax-payers money." Yeah, like the Spend-o-crats and the Repo-publicans ever cared about "our" taxdollars. But I digress. Of couse, I digressed from the opening line. But think I'm nuts? If Chicago's mayor Daley can sue gun manufacturers to 'recompense' for 'damages' caused by gun violence, and if disgusting, obese, fat-bodied wads of chewed-up bubble-gum pieces of shits can sue McDonalds for "making them fat" so that even that great-and-necessary-but-fastly-becoming-as-over-moralizing-and-consitutionally-over-reaching-as-the-FCC group known as the FDA wants to wade in and start making 'fat-regulation' policies, WTF is next?!? When, I wonder, will the alcohol industry be targeted by DUI victoms and families? Or how about Cutco for all the stabbings. And how about if I sue Marvel and DC comics for giving me a warped and unrealistic model of what physical feminine beauty is so that I lost all my teen-aged years completely to virginity because those few chicks that were actually desperate enough to notice me didn't look like gymnastic Dolly Partons in zero-G?

    My god, not only are Americans viewed as too stupid to realize that inhaling smoke on a regular basis will kill you, but it seems that now we must be protected from the evil machinations of the likes of the diabolical Ronald McDonald and that corporate whore Lil' Debbey! It looks like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben aren't just an affront to African-Americans anymore. And while were on the subject, how about I sue God for my small penis and utter lack of social graces?

    My god! What the fuck am I talking about? How did I go from the DMV to, uh, other subjects? Sigh. I must learn to curb my scotch-soddened ramblings to a more focused rant. So now I will drag my pickled ass to my darkened sleeping-hole for another night of dreamless slumber. At least I hope its dreamless. I hate my dreams. They are so damn cool that I get pissed when I awake to find that I am NOT in Rivendell and, no, Liv Tyler is not really dressed like Arwen and sucking my dick.

    Semper Ebrius.
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    very amusing
    by rababa(
    gfd messages
    on Oct 17, 2003 03:45:05 PM
    right after i read your story i went to the DMV i had to transfer ownership to my car and --- guess what I spent about 20 minutes. I spent more time looking for parking!
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    Sons of the bitches!
    by PissedOffRussian
    gfd messages
    on Jan 20, 2009 03:35:43 PM
    Like someone said, that place should be renamed "Satan's Asshole" because that's about what it is...
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